Welcome to Shotmakers Indoor Golf

Come experience the most advanced simulation technology golf has to offer! Shotmakers Indoor Golf Center provides a unique experience for players of all skill levels and ages. Shotmakers hosts two hi-tech GSA Advanced Golf Simulators for golfers to learn, practice, play and compete. At Shotmakers you can hone your game with lessons from a professional, practice effectively with accurate launch monitor data, and play 90 world famous golf courses with your friends. Shotmakers also offers fun and competitive tournaments for players who are up for a challenge!

Temperature controlled conditions create the opportunity for golfers to enjoy all facets of the game year round. Beginning golfers will experience a stress free environment without the pressure of having an audience or the feeling of holding up other players. Skilled golfers will take their game to the next level by dialing up specific data like carry distance, trajectory, swing path, clubface angle, club head speed and more. Whether you’re an aspiring high school or collegiate golfer, a touring professional, or simply a weekend warrior, professional instruction combined with powerful technology gives every golfer an opportunity to maximize their practice and realize their potential.


Get Golf Ready is designed to teach everything you'll need to play golf in just a few lessons. PGA and LPGA Professionals will show you that there are lots of ways to play by combining fun, friends and fitness.

Each session will focus on the various golf skills you will use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you will be guided onto the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting.

No equipment needed!